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16 March
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I'VE MOVED TO sincecincinatti!!!!

an icon journal

whamicon is strictly an icon journal. the real deal is at bankingonamyth.

i make many different icons; for now, i've been mostly making (or entertaining the idea of making):

[x] house
[x] wicked
[x] futurama
[x] south park
[x] seth green
[x] family guy
[x] lilo & stitch
[x] the last 5 years
[x] norbert leo butz
[x] south of nowhere
[x] america's next top model
[x] dirty rotten scoundrels
[x] sacha baron cohen
[x] ali g
[x] borat
[x] bruno

i'm open to requests, however, so feel free to comment and ask. just have an idea of what you want, and it would be nice if you had an image for me to work with so i don't have to guess your tastes and find you something.

there are some rules if you're going to use my icons!
[x] no hotlinking
[x] comment if you are taking an icon
[x] credit if you are using an icon

critique and suggestions are ok, so long as you don't rip me apart!

if you want to keep track of my icon-ing, go ahead and friend me- i'll friend you back. thank you!

a sneak peek preview.


if you would like to affiliate with me, please leave me a comment here :).