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poll, please vote!

hey everyone, i was hoping you could help me out regarding the future of whamicon :). all you have to do is answer this poll, so if you just could just take a few seconds out of your time and vote, that would be great! i'd like to make this decision based on popular demand from an audience, and not just go with whatever i feel like (though if i don't get any votes, i will be doing that). so if you want to influence how it turns out, please vote!

if you would like to elaborate on your choice or choose something not really an option in the poll, please feel free to comment. if you have any questions/would like to discuss anything i can do that as well.

Do you like WHAMICON being a journal, or would you prefer it to be a community?
I like it as a journal. Keep it this way.
I'd rather it be a community. If you change it, I will join.
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